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    作者:admin 发布时间:2020-09-16 09:46


    Hello! l am a student who is in Grade Nine. Before five year,l only a litte girl.but l've changed ! lt Thanks to my mother , l love her forever.

    when I was young,I was very selfish.l didn't give other child sweet although l had't only one .So others didn't like play with me .l was longly as l Stayed alone.My mother found it ,and asked me: Why don't you play with friends ?said her. l answered : Not I don't want to,But they don't want to stay together with me.They don't like me.She didn't say anthing ,Instead puting a seed in my hand ,then l felt uncertain.what is it?

    She said :well .lt's a small seed .when we were young ,There is a small seeds grew up day by day in our hearts我的小伙伴作文,We can't see it,But it will give us so many things ,such as Joy,sincere作文范文我的小伙伴作文, friendly, brave, passion.Let us Be a good person .However ,the growth of the seed need to share the happiness with friends to do it . So ,you need to learn to share. Do you know ?

    Oh ,l see. Thank you ,mom ! I'm glad to say.From then on, I learned how to make friends. Carefully to caress the seeds, every day is so .

    the 我的小伙伴作文

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